Monday, December 11, 2017

Gandharvika’s effulgence sparkles from Her exquisite beauty 
Her sweet luster has its own name, ‘Madhurya Dhyuti ‘
today as it’s seen the Gaura Bhakta Vrnda pray this darsana stay in their hearts 
and Gurudeva, being compassionate, will brings Seva’s secrets to impart 
like the diamond sequin shapes on Mahaprabhu’s vest
they’ll store them in their treasure chest
Laxmi Priya networked rose, suryapuspa, and gerberas Russian style
giving each and every face an ear to ear smile
the Chinese silk of red with embroidered flowers brings spirits to the top of the highest hill

throwing off anarthas along the way cannot but be ‘The Touch that Kills’

Thursday, July 11, 2013

surya puspa

Mahaprabhu wearing mango and green Giridhari with yellow and purple while Gandharvika has beautiful blue such a darsana is rare fragrance of their rose leis in the air singing the names of Mahaprabhu in his mango and green Giridhari with yellow and purple flute playing takes away all the devotees cares long lovely lei reaching past his knees sprinting along the country lane crows caw and screech owls screech once again the point of the hook is nearly empty only a few sufferers to be seen all should come for darsana of Mahaprabhu wearing mango and green another half hours spin to the west side another spots us near the wild ranch supersoul is every where can't hide keep darsana of Mahaprabhu in mango and green inside seeing the great blue at Seymour's museum turning round spinner's church and Bhakta Blade's kutir joyous kirtan sounds down the beach hill and railroad track pedaling hard to get back thinking nothing of the passing show from the trader's to the corner around we go chanting by the whalers coming to their last details ratha-bhojana-vrksa smiles as we bow as if to say hurry now the kernel is there to greet after a small squirrel hesitates then jumps across the street ceremony of the bells begins as the light of day comes to it's end in the emerald green and pink at sunrise bells we'll make the link

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

laughing lion

hold the arati for the class we can't get there so fast got call ahead this traffic is moving too slow have the pujari wait so we can see the show please hold the arati the devotees are ready to kirtan, shout sway, dance and leap about so we told them take it easy darsana today will take away all your sorrows so much happiness you won't have to borrow leis of eclectic flowers from as far as france giving he and so many like him a chance the land of dedication isn't so far away there'll be a finite number to our days if we see this outfit and it's water color dragonflies and the lotus flowers will fill our eyes that's the magic of this painted silk outfit mum and gerbera leis turn their faces to everyone inviting all to join the fun of divine seva after the journey they take rest in a soft yellow and gold flavor stay quiet don't say a word he'll make a name out of any thing heard embroidery on the orange and black bringing our consciousness back red blue and green of a peacock's sheen in the ninth day of the waxing moon of kartik when Guru Maharaja was first seen that's right those are bumblebees on Srimati Gandharvika's veil but being stung by them only makes the mundane mood wail leis of white and red roses reach to touch their toeses deep blue shown off by yellow lightening boarder the lions on the necklaces cause a laughing order

Saturday, July 06, 2013

from a heavenly cloud to a magical parting

then in the evening to dance and enjoy swarga mega, a heavenly cloud colored nightdress of boundless joy in early morning near sunrise Mahaprabhu's devotees learned and wise come together for kirtan as the sky is colored nila aruna and syama topped by the mukuts from hymn 43 has all of those colors look closely and see the night before Ekadasi a dress offered for vyasa puja when thakuras all round wore the same colors in synchronicity only by higher arrangement can that be found the sun rises and sets "don't let the sari do that" the seamstress frets making a sound to signal up and down she made me laugh a way to reverse any frown electric green and purple with silver at night and in the day zig zag like a serpent goes as the truth in it's flight with gerbera daisies in the leis smiling at all even at Giridhari from his shoulders purple and orange Krsna is a brahmacari a nightdress that never gets older

Friday, July 05, 2013

reqyured field

white and pink with leafy trim the one some folks call "the wedding cake" again mango red and gold blue trimmed with silver royal and bold deep blue shown by lightening yellow with flowers seen by all in the morning's wee hours with mukuts and effulgence of sunflower burst many lei makers like to make Giridhari's first Srimati Gandharvika's sari is beautifully blue Mahaprabhu wears mango Giridhari traditional yellow the heat reveals their ratna bahu while Srimati Gandharvika in her powder blue has a puspa mukut too brown and black trimmed with red that formed a phoenix on this dress for bed sumanas flowers by the crore at night one offered on may 24 hear the train coming with much bluster see madhurya dhuti, Srimati Gandharvika's sweet luster hand beaded mukuts chodders and skirt are the medicine to wipe out the disease of maya showing what guru krpa is worth

Sunday, June 23, 2013

going up to take a look at the new outfit for janmastami day a casual glance shows a mistake Srimati Gandharvika's sari is short make it longer is some way soon the devotees will hear the long and short of the sari tale of this year around the hanging tree a hill of goat moths we see cycling the lover's lane the beasts are on the wane trainers come face on zoom zoom we wave as they go by but in true fashion they act as if we didn't catch their eye passing a retreat we descend thru lion's park under one bridge over the next noting river's mark with the pitch on the right beginning our homeward flight ratha-bhojana-vrksa smiles seeing how we count the miles a few mrga are around their bhavan we shout "Gaura Premanandi" and go on it's the kernel of divine love welcoming us ceremony of the bells evermore auspicious yellow and silver from Nrsimhacaturdasi this year came on May 24, positively

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

green or blue only gurudeva's mercy can remove maya's screen and reveal which is true petal mixed with stock and mum leis sway with the gentle dances that they do forward cycle babble and i go with a clean slide as effortless as a glide team training ahead comes into view while the jungle goes by on either side as the hills raise us up and down by the point of the hook joggers and sufferers scamper around while the toad joins us for the stretch to see how many rays can we catch round natasala we break to return bowing to ratha-bhojana-vrksa we feel the burn grampus welcomes us back just at twilight bells begin and the kirtan is right babaji rides his horse of a different color tonight talking like a pirate he enters marakatimani puri see them at sunrise bells be quick don't hurry